Summer For Dinner – Moules Frites

The Wild & Wonderful Boyne Valley

Living & working in the Boyne Valley in Ireland means we have an incredible resource of delicious fresh seafood on your door step. Whether it’s Dunany Crab or Annagassan Smoked Salmon, we’re spoiled for choice! And a perfect summertime meal using some of that delicious seafood that not only tastes great but also impresses, is Moules Frites.

A combination of fresh delicious mussels cooked in fragrant white wine sauce with a side of skinny fries. Add a little Aioli for dipping and a glass of white wine and you’re transported to the sunny Spain!

Last Saturday while the sun was shining, we bought some fresh mussles from our local fish monger and cooked up a batch of Moules Frites for our family that we have been isolating with.

It was the perfect meal to share while sitting around laughing, enjoying a glass of wine and making the best out of the unusual situation we all find ourselves in!

Moules Frites

For this recipe you can make your own chips or if you would rather be sitting in the sun enjoying the company of your family like I was, froze is fine! 

If you are making your own start prep in step two and once the mussels are cooked and while they are draining, fry your chips.

  1. Tip the mussels into a large bowl of cold water. Discard any that remain open when tapped, then drain well and pull away any ‘beards’. Ditch any mussels that are open!
  2. Thinly slice the vegetables and garlic. Roll the chilli in your hands to loosen the seeds, then slit in half and shake out the seeds. Slice the flesh into thin sticks, then stack together and finely chop. Pick over the thyme sprigs, discarding the thick stalks, and pick the parsley leaves from the stalks.
  3. Place a large, heavy-based sauté pan (with a lid) on the hob and heat until you can feel a strong heat rising. Pour in the oil, then immediately toss in all of the vegetables, chilli and thyme. The thyme sprigs will crackle if the pan is hot enough. Cook for about 1½ mins, shaking the pan and stirring the vegetables until they start to wilt.
  4. With the heat still on high, toss in all the mussels and shake the pan so they form an even layer. Cover with a lid and cook for another 1-2 mins, shaking the pan once or twice.
  5. Uncover the pan and pour in the wine and Pernod. Shake and cook for another 1½ mins so the wine reduces by half, then cover again and cook for another min. Place a large colander over a bowl and tip the mussels and vegetables into the centre. Don’t eat any mussels that are closed!!
  6. Pour the strained liquid back in the pan, reheat and stir in the crème fraîche and whole parsley leaves. Check the seasoning; you may not need any salt. Return the mussels and vegetables to the pan and reheat, shaking the pan & serve. We separate ours into individual cereal sized bowls or you can just but them in a large bowl if you have one big enough!


Now sit back & get stuck in!