An Irish Summer Soup

Wild Garlic & Potato Soup

Our wild garlic & potato soup, brought to you by our chef Alan Clarke, is healthy &  hearty with a hint of summer in its seasonal ingredients.

Filled with essential vitamins, magnesium and calcium this soup is perfect for keeping us on our toes during this ever-changing weather. (Really though, it is May isn’t it!?!)

We are incredibly lucky in Ireland with the variety of delicious produce we have sitting on our doorstep. This recipe incorporates two of the most versatile and probably lesser used ingredients. Wild Garlic & Dulse Seaweed.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to start collecting it on your weekend stroll on the beach! Dulse Seaweed can be purchased in a number of local stores, including your local fish monger. With an abundance of uses as well as being incredibly good for you, Dulse seaweed contains high levels of Calcium and Potassium, high in protein and fibre as well as aiding in lowering blood pressure and the function of a healthy thyroid gland. 

This recipe makes 8 servings at approximately 57 calories per 125g serving, offering a light but nutritional lunch or dinner.


  • 300g of small white/ red potatoes
  • 72g of curly kale
  • 1 medium onion
  • 5g of dried Dulse seaweed
  • 150g baby spinach
  • 1 full stick celery
  • handful of wild garlic
  • 250g vegetable stock
  • 1 teaspoon of rapeseed oil


  • Sauté onion, potato and celery in rapeseed oil
  • Add seaweed, spinach, wild garlic and kale for 2 mins and remove from heat.
  • Bring vegetable stock to boil and add sautéed vegetables
  • Once fully cooked, remove from heat and blend.
  • serve with a splash of wild garlic pesto and crispy bread.

Dietary Notes

  • Contains celery
  • 125g portion: 57 calories / 9.3g Carbohydrates 2.1g of which sugar / 2g fibre / 2.1g protein / 0.24g salt