PAOLO TULLIO, Irish Independent’s Weekender Magazine, January 2014

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PaoloHaving reviewed our food before stating it was “out of the top drawer”; we were invited by renowned critic Paolo Tullio to be part of an article he planned to write reviewing catering food and what’s currently on offer in the Irish market. His article in the Irish Independent’s Weekender Magazine was a mecca for foodies. We were tasked with setting a full tasting menu of chef’s choice, to tickle the taste buds of Paolo and 9 of his closest friends and family in his home. We enjoyed the evening immensely and waited with bated breath for the article to be published. And we came out on top;

“The first of the two dinners was catered by Stephen and we were 10 diners — Chris de Burgh and his wife Diane, Gemma Kenny and Gavin Cullen, Sophie Kenny and David Uda, Rocco Tullio and Ruby Slevin and Marian Kenny and me.
It began with what the menu described as “gourmet canapes”, and in truth that was exactly what they were.
As we sat sipping our rosé Cava we were regaled with pastry tubes of marinated beef and wasabi; queen scallops with black pudding, pea puree and serrano crisps; brochettes of tomato, mozzarella and basil (think Caprese on a stick); and char-grilled king prawn with a chilli lime dipping sauce.
We adjourned to the dining room and the first thing to arrive at the table was an amuse bouche, described as “new age coddle” with pancetta, shallot, sweet potato broth and a quail egg. It was a dish that set the tone for the meal — elegant, skilful, tasty and visually appealing.
Next came a starter course of quail breast, pickled red cabbage and a parsnip puree, followed by a fish course of pan-fried red snapper with braised baby fennel and tomato topped with a beurre blanc.
The meat course was next — slow-cooked shoulder of lamb with confit potato and roasted baby vegetables. My appetite at this point was flagging, but the slowcooked lamb was seriously good and impossible to resist.
Finally, we finished the meal with a dessert of lemon custard tart served with a limoncello sorbet topped with pulled sugar.
I supplied the wines for the dinner — a rosé cava as an aperitif, Meursault for the white, Gevrey Chambertin for the red, and lastly Tokaj for dessert.
We’d had what can best be described as a top-end tasting menu, as skillful as any you could eat in the best restaurants.”

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