Il Padrino Bianco, Grillo/Cataratto(Sicily)                                                                              2013

It is a soft and fresh wine that drinks smooth. It has notes of tropical fruits and is rounded and well balanced.


Andes Peak Sauvignon Blanc(Chile)                                                                                        2013

The Sauvignon Blanc is a clear, light green-yellow colour with delicate notes of lime, grapefruit, pineapple and

peach on the nose. The tasting notes have a light fruit and herbal mix on the palate.

Andes Peak Chardonnay(Chile)                                                                                                2013

A delightful unoaked Chardonnay that is easily approachable. It is full of fresh and fruity flavours with hints of

ripe tropical fruits and a clean, dry finish.

Vista Flor Sauvignon/Chenin Blanc(Argentina)                                                                       2012

A very young wine that is a beautiful blend of green and yellow. There is an intense aroma on the nose and

very pleasant on the palate.


Haut Peyras Colombard.(Gascony)                                                                                         2012

While pale gold in colour, it has a very fine nose with elegant citrus and exotic fruit notes. It carries a

freshness on the pallet with a perfect balance of length and finish.                             


 Celso Pinot Grigio(Veneto, Italy)                                                                                            2012

The wine itself is pale yellow with slight gold tinges. The bouquet offers notes of white fresh fruits such as

jasmine. It taste itself is fresh, elegant, and well balanced with a pleasant aftertaste.


Eric Louis Sauvignon Blanc(Loire, France)                                                                              2011

Mind blowingly good Sauvignon from vineyards just outside Sancerre. Eric Louis manages to pack this wine

with fantastic aromatics; aromas leap out of the glass.


Brightwater Sauvignon Blanc(New Zealand)                                                                          2011

Pale gold in colour the Brightwater sauvignon blanc has a distinct taste of gooseberry, green apple, and ripe

melon. There is a subtle mineral note that gives a wonderful balance to the wine over all.




Il Padrino Rosso Nero D’Avolo/Sangiovese(Sicily)                                                              2012

A soft and supple wine with layers of plum and red fruit flavours with a hint of spice and pepper. Light but

warm tannins are also felt throughout.


Andes Peak Merlot(Chile)                                                                                                       2012

The Andes Peak has a deep ruby-red colour with a red fruits, such as strawberries, and spicy notes on the

nose. There is sweet, well-rounded tannin, and a pleasant finish on the palate.


Vista Flor Malbec/Sangiovese(Argentina)                                                                              2012

On the nose there are aromas of red fruit, with a fresh and fruity kick. It has a well-rounded nice

structure in the mouth followed by a pleasant final.


Protocolo Tinto Tempranillo(Spain)                                                                                       2011

Made by one of the greatest winemakers in Spain this fruity, silky smooth Spanish is one of our most

popular reds. The main reason is that the quality for price is extremely high; it is a very polished wine

for this kind of money.  A silky smooth well-structured red with lots of ripe bramble fruit and just a touch of oak.                  


Rasteau Rastaillains(Cotes du Rhone, France)                                                                        2010

An easy drinking red with soft tannins and a pleasant structure, the Rastellains CDR contains notes of red fruit,

blueberries, blackberries, and a hint of pepper.

Sierra Cantabria Rioja(Spain)                                                                                                   2012

A very smooth red wine that makes an excellent example of modern Rioja. There is a heavy juicy wild berry fruit

flavour with just a hint of oak.

Sogatia Chianti(Tuscany, Italy)                                                                                                 2012

The Volpetto Chianti is both well-structured and full bodied which gives it a lively and intense feel. It has a

lovely medium-deep red/purple colour with ripe cherry and plum notes with a slightly savoury edge.                          



 Tiresia Prosecco Frizzante                                                                                                         NV

Tiresia has gentle bubbles along with a pleasant and fruity nose. The wine is soft on the palate

with a refreshing and lively acidity.


Champagne Charles le Prince                                                                                                      NV

From multi-award winning Beaumont des Crayères this is an excellent fruit-rich, toasty

Champagne with great character and at an exceptional price!

Champagne Vilmart Grand Cellier Brut                                                                                         NV

A finely structured, balanced Champagne, its citric and green plum fruit flavors fitting well

within some full acidity. Everything is fresh but integrated, with an elegant, rich and refreshing

finish. Highly recommended Wine Enthusiast Magazine .

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