BT2 POP ICONS, BT2 Grafton Street, 8th March 2014

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Staff 1On a bright sunny Saturday morning in Dublin, Grafton Street’s BT2 was the picture of colour and pop art. With the front of the store transformed with swirls and futuristic patterns, their Pop Icon event was about to kick off and The Right Catering Company were there to serve their special guests with some delicious breakfast. With funky colours and cool fashion all around we served food that fit in just perfectly.Pop BT2 2

With cones of skinny fries served alongside Iconic Mini Burgers from vinyl records, the food went down a hit with staff and customers alike. And what Pop Icon event is complete without the latest mini cake craze, cake pops?! Themed cake pops were offered to guests and it’s safe to say there wasn’t one left by the time the event ended. With big name fashion bloggers, stylists and models attending this event was one for all those fashionistas out there. And the food? Bang on trend!Staff 2

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